5 Poker Tactics You Should Know


Poker is a game of chance in which the outcome of a hand depends on the actions and decisions of players. There are various strategies for placing money bets in a game. These strategies depend on probability, psychology, and game theory. Nevertheless, the expected values of the money bets are determined by the player’s actions in the long run.


Squeeze play is a poker tactic that has many advantages. It can be used to exploit weaknesses in weaker opponents as well as good pairs, depending on the circumstances. You should only use this tactic when you have a strong hand and have the potential to win. You should always keep in mind that a squeeze play can be a good bluff as well, so you must use it carefully and only when you have the right hand.


A stab is a tactic in poker that entails betting to steal a pot from another player. Stabs are typically effective when no one else has the best hand and the player betting has information that can lead to a winning hand. Knowing when to use a stab will help you increase your win rate.


SRP poker, or single-raised pot, is a term used to describe a pot where one player raises the pot on the first betting round. These pots can occur in either heads-up or multiway games.

Royal Flush

Having a Royal Flush is considered the best hand in poker. However, there are a few things you should know before playing this poker hand. As the strongest poker hand, it is important to prevent surprises and unwanted mistakes. For example, never reveal your winning combination to other players.


Moving Down in poker means that you are in a bad position. It is a way to punish yourself for making a bad decision. But it is not something that you should do randomly. You should make sure that you are winning enough to justify the move.

Duplicate card on the board

Duplicate poker is a variation of poker that requires multiple tables. The game is played with identical community cards and hole cards. When a player has a duplicate card, he or she cannot play unless another player has already placed their card on the board in the same spot.

Forced bets

Forced bets in poker are an option available to players in several poker variants. They are used to seed the pot in order to give players with better hands more incentive to make larger bets and benefit from weaker hands. These bets are usually equal to the big blind and are posted at the beginning of a game session. Some poker tournaments use forced bets in addition to blinds.


Insurance for poker is a relatively new feature at poker sites, and it helps protect your bankroll in the event of a bad beat. It works by placing a small bet before a large one in order to minimize your losses. While you may not use insurance on every hand, it can make all the difference in minimizing the negative impacts of a bad beat.